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From Ocean to Table: Integrating Marine and Coastal Food Systems into Food Studies

This paper was published in a special edited collection, Cite This, of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies. Click here to read the full paper. It is common to hear and read the phrases “farm to table” or “farm to plate” in food systems discussions and scholarship. Less common, is to encounter “ocean to table” or “ocean to plate.” As scholars, we are aware of the issues that farmers and farmworkers face, but it seems that we often fail to acknowledge coastal and marine food systems’ issues. Why? It could be that those systems seem distant to most of us. Even in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island and U.S. territory, most scholarship focused on food systems ignores the issues that coastal communities face, especially fisherfolks. Today, given the implications of climate change on coastal areas as well as marine deterioration, researchers and stakeholders are starting to give more attention to coastal communities and marine ecosystems. If researchers and stakeholders want to get involved with fisherfolks to develop solutions for the problems that they face, it is imperative to understand the dynamics …

Para no sufrir (tanto) en la escuela graduada: Parte 1

Click here to read the English version of this post on the steps I took to lessen the suffering before, and during my PhD track. La poeta argentina, Sol Fantin, dice en uno de sus poemas que el problema del tiempo no es que sea corto, sino fugaz. Ese verso siempre lo tengo en la punta de la lengua. El pasado 28 de agosto del 2018, cumplí un año como estudiante doctoral. Mi intención para realizar un doctorado yace en mi interés por ser un investigador independiente. Recordemos que tener un doctorado es eso: tener un doctorado. Ahora, ¿qué queremos hacer con él? ¿Por qué lo necesitamos? Es bien importante tener eso bastante claro antes de tirarnos la maroma. Comencé mi PhD en sistemas agroalimentarios en la Universidad de Vermont con mucha emoción, pero no todo ha sido de colores que me gustan.