Investigación | Research articles

4. Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, Nora Álvarez-Berríos, and Meredith T. Niles. (2022) Social-ecological interactions in a disaster context: Puerto Rican farmer households’ food security after Hurricane Maria. Environmental Research Letters. [Español]

3. Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, Maya Moore, and Meredith T. Niles (2021) Puerto Rican Farmers’ Obstacles Towards Recovery, and Adaptation Strategies after Hurricane Maria: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Adaptive Capacity. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. [Español]

2. Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz & Meredith T. Niles. (2021) Awareness of climate change’s impacts and motivation to adapt are not enough to drive action: A look at Puerto Rican farmers after Hurricane Maria. PLOS ONE. [Español]

1. Robinson Rodríguez-Pérez, PhD, Nancy Correa-Matos, PhD, RDH, LND, Angélica Valdés-Valderrama, MS, Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, MS, María C. Rodríguez, PhD. (2018) A Qualitative Study of Puerto Rican Parent and Child Perceptions Regarding Eating Patterns. Journal of Nutrition and Education Behavior.

En revisión | Research articles in revision

1. Meredith T. Niles, Courtney Hammond Wagner, Natalia Aristizabal, Carolyn Hricko, Adam Petrucci, and Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz. “Politically engaged and knowledgeable farmers are more likely to support regulatory groundwater policies: Implications from the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in California.” Submitted in Ecology and Society.

Comments and book reviews

4. Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz (2020) Food in Cuba: the pursuit of a decent meal. Journal of Food, Culture & Society. DOI: 10.1080/15528014.2020.1773145.

3. Vanessa García Polanco & Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz (2019) Decolonizing the Caribbean diet:

Two perspectives on possibilities and challenges. In a special edition of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development titled, “Indigenous Food Sovereignty in North America”. 9(B).

2. Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz (2019) Between Two Worlds. Science. 365(6456): 946.

1. Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz (2018) From Ocean to Table: Integrating Marine and Coastal Food Systems into Food Studies. Cite This, a special edition of the Graduate Journal of Food Studies. 5(2).


4. Puerto Rican farmer households’ food security after Hurricane Maria (2022) Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, Nora Álvarez-Berríos and Meredith T Niles (2022) University of Vermont and International Institute of Tropical Forestry. English and Español

3. Obstáculos para la recuperación de fincas tras María (2021) Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz. University of Vermont. Español.

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1. Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz (2019, March 11) Descontaminar sin atentar contra los viequenses. [Cleaning Vieques Shouldn’t Threaten its Citizens nor the Environment] El Nuevo Día, p. 52.


2. Al otro lado (A compilation of short stories) (March 2023) ISBN: 978-1-64131-737-5

1. Cuentos color mostaza (A compilation of short stories) (July 2015) ISBN: 9781514611203

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