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Panel aborda los elementos sociales de la seguridad alimentaria

Click here to read in English. Abajo puede ver la grabación. Aquí puede acceder a todos los videos de la conferencia. El pasado 19 de abril, un panel compuesto por cuatro voces de Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes abordó el tema de la seguridad alimentaria en la “3ra Conferencia del Cambio Climático en el Caribe”. Se incorporaron a la discusión elementos sociales, de justicia y equidad, sin obviar los elementos ambientales y de producción agrícola. 

Looking for Moths Under the New Moon

Esto es una traducción del ensayo, “Buscando mariposas bajo la luna nueva en El Yunque“, publicado el 12 de marzo de 2021 en la revista 80 grados. This is a tranlsation of, “Buscando mariposas bajo la luna nueva en El Yunque“, published in 80 grados on March 12, 2021. I was thinking of two things while walking: that my legs could not hold me anymore and that I wanted to see a coquí, Puerto Rico’s endemic frog. We had been within the green labyrinth of El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest, for almost four hours. Although I wanted to look up and appreciate the plethora of stars, I kept my gaze down so that the flashlight on my head would light the way. Falling down on one of those paths, full of rocks and roots, while carrying a backpack full of scientific equipment, is not a pretty picture. There were times when I slipped, but still had not fallen. I was in the back of the line, walking slowly to see if I could spot …

PR-SPAN’s Science Rising Initiative to Bring Visibility and Awareness in Puerto Rico’s Election Cycle

This was originally published in Ciencia Puerto Rico on October 3, 2020. Oprime aquí para leer en español. Puerto Rico has been immersed in a constant recovery cycle over recent years. Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and the one we are experiencing now with the COVID-19 pandemic, make evident the underlying inequities and social and political dynamics that perpetuate the vulnerability of the Puerto Rican people. Facing the disproportionate effects of climate change and with climate extremes upon us, coupled with the current social and political crisis we are experiencing, it is important that policymaking be centered on scientific evidence and equity. Thus, the Puerto Rico Science Policy Action Network (PR-SPAN), a Ciencia Puerto Rico initiative, has the objective of raising visibility and awareness with science (conCiencia) by bringing often-unnoticed topics to the public discussion in this election cycle in Puerto Rico.