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Quería involucrarme en las protestas del verano, pero me encontraba lejos de Puerto Rico.

Esta es la versión en español de la columna que me publicó la revista Science. La puedes acceder aquí. Fue publicada el 29 de agosto de 2019. Estaba solo en mi cuarto, pegado a la computadora, viendo la marcha y las manifestaciones que se estaban llevando a cabo en el Viejo San Juan. Estaba a casi 3,000km de distancia de mi natal Puerto Rico, donde el Pueblo le exigía la renuncia al gobernador Rosselló. Recuerdo sentir mucho orgullo, pero también rabia hacia mí por no estar allí. 

Being Idle is not an Option: Reconciling my Academic and Political Duties

This is the original version of my Working Life Essay published on Science on August 29, 2019. Click here to read the published version. It was Wednesday, July 17th, and I was alone in my room, in front of my computer with four windows open on the screen. Thousands of Puerto Ricans were marching to Old San Juan that day, demanding governor Rosselló to resign. The leak of the egregious chats between him and his colleagues was the catalyst that motivated people to take their bodies to the streets. Beyond dehumanizing comments, the governor used the chat for political means, a potentially illegal action. Furthermore, and worse, in my opinion, they sneered on those who died because of Hurricane Maria. I stayed up late every night following what was happening. I wanted to talk with all my friends that were marching; with one dear friend of mine who suffered police violence during these protests. Day after day, I was following the news from the time that I woke up; feelings of anger and angst in …